"At the Y, we work to strengthen the foundations of our community. And in order to build community, we must build relationships. We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with our neighbors at Hargett Place. Their support is making our community better."
-- Douglas Andrew, Branch Executive Director Alexander Family YMCA
"Some of my favorite walks are through the miles of Rowhomes in London, Brooklyn and Boston. I never tire of admiring the solidity and charm of those neighborhoods, and the way people move through them. It is a great privilege for me to help bring some of that timeless urban fabric to my FAVORITE city!"
-- Greg Paul, Greg Paul Builder Inc
"As people who have always wanted to own a property in an urban location, when we saw the initial plans for the Hargett Place we knew it was the right place for us. Hargett Place has successfully replicated all of the charm of a New York brownstone in downtown Raleigh. Hargett Place is the perfect complement to an up and coming city with what we believe are the best views of the downtown skyline and amazing sun sets. Hargett Place and Greg Paul Builders have been very attentive to our questions and post move-in items. They have been more than willing to work with us to make sure our expectations were met or exceeded, and that we continue to experience the joy of high-end urban living in Raleigh. A dream realized."
-- John & Deborah, Hargett Place Homeowners
"We chose Hargett Place because it epitomizes the quality and attention to detail we were looking for in a home. We are ready to right-size our living space and enjoy the benefits of a thriving downtown neighborhood. The process of working with the design/build team has been outstanding; they listen and are attentive to our needs, always with a "Let's see how we can make this work" attitude. We're so excited to begin a new year in our new home at Hargett Place!"
-- Meg & David, Hargett Place Homeowners
"My husband and I were pleased and excited to see a plan for beautiful Rowhomes in downtown Raleigh. We immediately knew we wanted to explore living in a smaller space in an urban environment. We also had special requests- elements we wanted incorporated into our home that were not in the plans. Some of these elements were aesthetic but most were things we wanted for convenience, components in our home that would make our lives comfortable. The Hargett Place team helped us design and execute a home with all the details we wanted. They incorporated our individual needs into the existing plan for our unit. The smallest details were executed thoughtfully and with care for both functionality and beauty. After we moved in, the team’s attention to detail continued. The team made sure everything functioned as it was meant to function and went above and beyond our expectations to help us set up our new home. Our needs and questions were addressed promptly, with good humor and efficiency. We have been humbled by the team’s awareness of their mission; to create a community of individual homeowners, each with different needs and desires, while they remain committed to the larger community in the downtown area. Hargett Place adds to the historical beauty already present in Raleigh and the well-being of the entire downtown neighborhood. We feel fortunate and honored to live in a place dedicated to the values of community, quality and lasting beauty. Urban living has enhanced the quality of our lives. We are able to walk to many of our favorite downtown haunts. And we feel part of a diverse and growing community where we know our neighbors and the local business owners. For us, Hargett Place is about living the way we have always wanted to live."
-- Leslie, Hargett Place Homeowner
"Dan and I have looked at numerous properties located in the Southeastern States for close to two years. We were in search of a vibrant city, warmer weather, and proximity to an international airport. Since we have lived in the area for almost 30 years it is ironic that our search returned us full circle back to Raleigh. Hargett Place was the final decisive factor in our decision to call downtown Raleigh home. After traveling and staying in urban area flats we discovered all the lifestyle perks that townhome or condo living could provide. Hargett Place has a classic brownstone exterior with open, light and beautifully constructed and designed interiors. The three outdoor living spaces have shown us that giving up our yard is possible. We believe having a garage with space for two cars will prove to be increasingly valuable as Raleigh continues to grow- not to mention the extra storage factor. The small footprint, smart technology, and green amenities that Hargett Place provides appealed to us as well. We are excited to be living so close to the Museums, Parks (especially the soon to be redone Moore Square), Restaurants, and the new downtown YMCA. We are looking forward to biking the greenway and meeting friends at downtown festivals and being able to walk back to our roof top deck. Teresa and Kim have been a delight to work with. Looking forward to moving in and calling Hargett home!"
-- Melissa, Hargett Place Homeowner
"Our team respects and honors the individuality of each homeowner and we strive to create homes that reflect this. Listening carefully and empathetically is very important. While our plans in Phase One have been warmly embraced, we have had numerous requests for a bit more space. As a result, we are introducing new larger homes. From 1,700 – 4,200 square feet with an additional 700 – 1,800 square feet of outdoor living space, there is something here for everyone."
-- Teresa Cope, Hargett Place Sales Associate
"Our experience in creating our “dream-home” has been outstanding. Of course, the design, fixtures and elements included are impeccable, the team has really responded to every tweak we have requested, to make this the best home for our family!"
-- Molly, Hargett Place Homeowner
"Working closely with Hyde Street Holdings’ buyer liaison and Greg Paul Builders we got the exact home we wanted. In addition to quality construction, Hargett Place offered us a great deal of private outdoor space that is impossible to find elsewhere in an urban setting. We love the location - walking distance to all the dining, entertainment and culture of downtown and just blocks from biking on Raleigh’s greenway system! We are so happy we made the move from the suburbs to downtown!"
-- Don & Carla, Hargett Place Homeowners
"We absolutely love our new place in the city and could not be happier with our incredible Rowhome. The ability to head out our front door and walk or bike to the pharmacy, dinner and drinks, or downtown events has really met the vision of a more urban lifestyle we honestly didn't realize we would enjoy and embrace so easily - it’s exciting!. My wife and I constantly talk about needing to "pinch ourselves" to prove that we are actually living here, especially when standing on our incredible rooftop terrace and gazing at the night sky and city skyline. We still discover wonderful things about our house, the property, and this location every day. They thought of everything when planning and executing this development. The developers, architects, construction team, and designer can be proud of what they have created here. We cannot thank John and Trish Healy, Greg Paul and team, Kim Shirley, and Teresa Cope enough for being so wonderful to work with and helping to create such a great place for our family to live."
-- Todd, Hargett Place Homeowner
"From the minute I stepped into the model showcase house, I knew I was home. As I climbed the stairs to the rooftop garden, I kept finding more and more things I loved as I winded around. The second I set foot on the rooftop garden, I knew we had to have it, but I dreaded the sales process. Well I was wrong! Everyone I met that day at the Model Home, Teresa Cope, Kim Shirley and John Healy were amazing and down to earth. Our kind of folks.

The purchasing and building process from the very beginning to the very end was nothing short of extraordinary. The warm welcome that we received from Trish Healy and the Hargett Place family was great. Greg Paul and Robby Blyth were the highest caliber professionals one could hope for, and the workmen were clearly seasoned and professional and knew what they were doing. Their attention to all of the little details that matter were identified and executed before we even thought of them. It was if they completely understood what we would want and were already just “standard” and part of the process.

The design assistance on the house was and remains our favorite process related to the home. Kim Shirley was an exceptional professional who took the time to understand what we were going for in this house and helped us translate what would work best. She was patient and amazing at finding us choices that we loved and so we were able to make clear choices. We smile at every detail, every day and think of her!

The feeling that we got during the whole process from the team was that they were there to sort any problems quickly and painlessly. Never during or after the process did we feel like we were being nickel and dimed. It was such a cooperative and collaborative process that we felt they loved this house as much as we do. This is true even now, as we have closed. There are so many amazing details that we notice all the time. We would do it all again in a heartbeat. We highly recommend this team to help anyone realize their dream to become part of the City of Raleigh Community.

We are so excited to watch all of the other units come and see what amazing additions and special things they incorporate during the process, but my favorite Saturday past time has become watching the lovely weddings in the church next door. So sweet!"
-- Elizabeth, Hargett Place Homeowner
"My favorite part is helping create homes that fulfill homeowners’ individual visions of urban living within the larger Hargett Place community, and then to see them live into that dream and enjoy all the benefits of Raleigh’s thriving downtown community."

-- Kim Shirley, Hargett Place Selection’s and Buyer’s Liaison